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We want to keep you informed of how your investments are doing, both by reaching out to you and by enabling you to check your accounts online. Online accounts allow you to get detailed statements and easily change account settings. Scroll down to find the fund company you are invested with. Then, if it’s your first time accessing the account, follow the linked registration instructions. After that, online access will be simple–just bookmark the main website or come here to follow the link. If you are interested in gaining online access to a company not listed here, please call our office for assistance.

TD Ameritrade (

  • When you access the web site, look below the “Log In” button for where it says “Get Started.”
  • The following screen will prompt you to enter your TD Ameritrade account number and your ZIP code. If you do not know your account number, call our office and we can provide it. If you have multiple TD Ameritrade accounts, the website will search for all accounts that match your Social Security number and add them under your username.
  • You will be asked to confirm your identity by entering a security code. You can choose to send it to the email address or phone number from your account application. We suggest using email to receive the code, as it is more reliable.
  • Next, create a username and password, verify your email address, and set up security questions.
  • Finally, you will be asked whether you are affiliated with the securities industry for the purpose of providing real-time stock quotes. You can click on “nonprofessional” and “securities industry professional” to read the definitions and see which applies to you.
  • After accepting terms and conditions, you can view a video tour of the website.

If you experience issues logging in, please check to make sure you’re logging in at the correct website (, not If you have forgotten your password, TD provides a “Forgot your password?” link under the Log In button.

If you have forgotten your username, or have difficulty getting logged into the site, please give our office a call. You can also call TD’s helpful technical support team at the number listed on the website.

To go paperless, go to Accounts, then Profile, and hit the Edit button on the right side of the screen. You will be able to change from paper to email delivery under ‘Statement Delivery’ and ‘Confirmation Delivery.’

OneView (All CGC Accounts)

  • When you access the web site, select the “Registration” button.
  • The following screen will prompt you to enter your Social Security number and a temporary password. Please call our office at (503) 670-1958 to get your temporary password.
  • “Registration Process: Step 1 of 2” screen – The User Agreement will appear. You should read and accept the User Agreement.
  • When you select the “Accept” button, you will be taken to the “Registration Process: Step 2 of 2” screen. In this screen, you must enter all required information. Fields marked with a red * are required fields and must be entered before selecting the “Next” button.
  • The “Registration Confirmation” screen will display a message indicating your financial advisor must approve your registration. You should select the “OK” button to indicate you are now ready for approval. You will receive an email confirmation once your request has been approved that will include your User ID. Keep this information as it is mandatory to access your account.

Royal Alliance (NetXInvestor)

  • Enter your primary account number and check the “Remember Me” box if you are using a private computer. If you do not know your account number, call our office and we can provide it.
  • Enter your temporary password: ROMMDDYY (corresponding to your date of birth), after which you will be prompted to set a permanent password.
    You will be taken to the IVC Setup Portlet screen. For added security, you must enter your phone number and email address. These are used to send you an Identity Verification Code. Please fill in your preferences, and before you click “Save,” check the “Remember this device” box at the bottom of the screen if you are using a private computer. Doing so will skip this step upon future logins.
  • Follow any prompts for answering security questions, saving as you go.
  • You will then be taken to a screen that invites you to opt for electronic communications instead of some paper statements or prospectuses. If you would like to go paperless, hit the “Update Preferences” button as prompted, and you will be taken to the E-Delivery Preferences screen. There, you can check off which kinds of communications you want delivered via email.


If you have accounts with TD Ameritrade and would like to gain access to quarterly reports via Morningstar, please contact our office.

If you experience any issues setting up an online access login, or have trouble getting logged in, please contact our office at (503) 670-1958.

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